Friday, January 18, 2008

Minnesota Winter Ice Fishing

It really is something how the lake freezes over in the winter and allows us the privilege of walking on water....well frozen water that is. Sam is always in the mood for fishing, and when we get a chance to visit the north woods, he makes a point of packing all the necessary ice fishing gear. We all enjoy getting out in the fresh snowy world to get a new perspective every now and again! Here are some shots of fishing on Grace Lake near my parents' home.

Here is Auntie Melanie with Amelia on the sled!

This is Melanie's "very" special friend from Ireland, David. He truly had a new experience being on the ice and perfecting the skill of placing a "wee minnow" on the hook for a chance at the BIG one lurking under the ice somewhere!

Here, Annika is posing with Aunie Mel again, trying to keep warm on a sunny winters day! I must admit that there is just something about these Minnesota winters! Gotta love them! All we have to do is think about the 95 degree humid summers and then our hearts warm at the thought of a cup of hot chocolate or warm tea by the fireplace instead! Ahhhhh, the bliss of it all!
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