Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where have we been?

Well, I know that there has been a space of time between posts here, but we are not lost to the world, only much better! We have been exploring the world. Now my plan is to bring you up to speed by posting the highlights of our summer month by month! So, bear with me as I attempt to capsule all the fun we have had!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bunny and Big Boy!

Well of all the interesting deliveries, the doorbell rang yesterday with a bunny rabbit delivery for the Sahlstrom family! I guess the previous family was running short on bunny rabbit love, so they thought that our home might have a little more to go around. Becca was instantly hooked, and feverishly set about learning all she could about the ins and outs of rabbit care. It has been a wonderful distraction for the little people, especially during Unit Study. They were all hovering around the cage, watching with delight to see what he will do next! Becca renamed him Cotton, deciding that having 2 Sams in the house might be a little much!

Here is Simeon's attempt at being a "BIG BOY"! He thinks he is quite the man now that he can pull himself up on things.

After letting go with one hand, he quickly realized that this could be rather dangerous if gravity got the better of him!

One more close up of those pretty pink eyes. Becca has taken TONS of pictures of poor little Cotton. He must be seeing stars in those pink eyes! We will see how long the bunny rabbit romance stays with us!
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Butterflies, Buddies and Babies!

Well, here are some sure signs of SPRING! We took a field trip over to Sioux Falls to visit the Sertoma Butterfly House. It was just lovely to see all the gorgeous flowers and butterflies peacefully flying around in the tropical climate. If you need a quiet get-away, then we recommend a visit here!


Butterflies are amazing creatures, and we really enjoyed each and every variation of colors against the lovely flower blooms!


Best buddies.....most of the time! Katrina and Erina all dressed up alike and posing for a picture. This was taken by one of their big sisters.


Baby Lila Marie, daughter of friends Jake and Erin from church, is being loved on by Amelia. Of course at Tracy Alliance, babies are the most popular with all ages. Before we know it we will have baby chicks, and today someone delivered a pet rabbit. These just have to be signs of SPRING!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Global Warming?????

Well, as we sit through another spring blizzard, I have to laugh at the whole idea of global warming. I think NOT! Every week we seem to be getting lots of lovely white flakes dumped onto the lovely little sprigs of green that are bravely trying to poke their little heads up, but I guess that is part of the adventure of living in Minnesota, right? I have to admit that it feels so freeing to have events cancelled! I seem to get so much done on those days. Don't ask why, but it is true. So, if winter wants to hang out for a few more weeks, I guess that would be OK with me, there are still some more closets that need to be deep cleaned! Yeah!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

Minnesota Winter Ice Fishing

It really is something how the lake freezes over in the winter and allows us the privilege of walking on water....well frozen water that is. Sam is always in the mood for fishing, and when we get a chance to visit the north woods, he makes a point of packing all the necessary ice fishing gear. We all enjoy getting out in the fresh snowy world to get a new perspective every now and again! Here are some shots of fishing on Grace Lake near my parents' home.

Here is Auntie Melanie with Amelia on the sled!

This is Melanie's "very" special friend from Ireland, David. He truly had a new experience being on the ice and perfecting the skill of placing a "wee minnow" on the hook for a chance at the BIG one lurking under the ice somewhere!

Here, Annika is posing with Aunie Mel again, trying to keep warm on a sunny winters day! I must admit that there is just something about these Minnesota winters! Gotta love them! All we have to do is think about the 95 degree humid summers and then our hearts warm at the thought of a cup of hot chocolate or warm tea by the fireplace instead! Ahhhhh, the bliss of it all!
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