Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Becca did not get to celebrate her birthday with her friends since it was the week the baby was born, so after talking to her friend, Mariah Hicks, she found out that her July birthday was also needing to be celebrated! So they had a combined party! It proved to be a wonderful day, indeed!

Here is Reuben explaining how the apples get washed and moved down the assembly line at the APPLE ORCHARD! We had a wonderful time on the hayride and also spending time with friends from the MACHE home school group.

YUMMY! Crisp and delicious Honeycrisp apples!

Erina thought that the corn filled boat was the highlight of the afternoon! She would just lay there moving her hands and feet around. I could also tell that it was naptime for her! I was even tempted to crawl in beside her and take a snooze! Thank you Lord for the beauty of autumn!
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Simeon has turned 1 month old already! It has been such a wonderful time of getting to know him and getting acquainted with his little personality. For the most part he is very content, but when he wants to eat...look out! He definitely lets us know he has lungs and a voice!

We also have another reason to celebrate, and that is the fact that 18 years ago Sunday (14th) Sam and I were married on a beautiful fall day in the northwoods! How quickly time flies! I have to say that I am most definitely the happiest wife in the whole world. (I am sure a lot of you out there would say the same.) Sam has been so good to me and the children. He truly meets the standard of a godly father and husband, and for this I am so grateful to the Lord for blessing me with him! I also look forward to many more years as his blessed wife! Yesterday we had a visit from a dear "grandma" from our church, Marie Flesner. She has been married for 60 some years! Now that is something wonderful. What a testimony that can be to the world.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Promising Presidential Candidate

Word has it that if the election were held this very day on the Internet, Ron Paul would be the man! So, why do we not hear a word about this modern day "Thomas Jefferson" in the media? It is because they don't want us to hear about him! He has a proven track record of voting 100% according to the Constitution. How many times to you hear of Congressmen doing that these days? Well, we are excited to finally see a man of principle running on the Republican ticket for a change. We were beginning to feel hopeless! If you have not researched the candidates, please do so now before the MN caucus sneaks up on us on Feb. 2nd. Time goes quickly, and we must know who deserves our support in this most important position of leading our country. Google Ron Paul and check him out! I think you will find his views refreshingly American! Also, remember to PRAY for our leaders now and those future leaders that they will remain true to God as they fill these important positions.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Catfish That Got CAUGHT!

Not only can Sam catch big babies.....he can also catch the big fish! His latest challenge has been catching catfish on Lake Shetek! This one was a whopper and the kids all had to get out of bed to check it out! He smoked it in the smokehouse, and it is delicious! It weighed 14 pounds!

Last night little Simeon and I (Melissa) had the honor of being Sam's fishing buddies, but even though we caught 9 cats, none of them were huge like this one. It was a lovely evening though, and we enjoyed the sunset out on the dock. The evenings will now be getting cooler, so it was nice to enjoy being out on such a nice night!

Ben thought it was a good bicep builder.....

Becca was just barely able to hold it off the floor........

Annika....well let's just say we all know the story of the frog prince.... but I doubt the catfish prince will come of this attempt, no matter how much wishing goes on!
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