Sunday, December 6, 2009


My sweet parents, Ken and Becky Berge, are still in love after all these years!

Here I am, loving this gorgeous day!

I loved this old fence line with the fall colors behind it.

David and Melanie, you are going to be the BEST PARENTS ever!
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Here we are on the "ship" looking down on the coming passengers .

The ship workers.

Coming to America for the Irish immigrants.

Here is Charisma posing on the "American" side.
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Lovely scenery! Everything was so GREEN!

I don't know if horses can look Irish, but for some reason this one did to me!

The Ulster Museum takes you through the history of Ireland and you go all the way to "America" on a ship and come out visiting American history that the Irish people experienced. It was very well done!

Here is the city street on the Irish side.
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My beautiful sister Melanie with her baby Mariah Grace!

The proud grandparents....Berges and Darraghs!

Charisma and I had the privilege of visiting the Darraghs in Northern Ireland for 12 days the end of September. It was so great to be with them all. It was also fun to overlap my parents' stay for a couple days. Here we are at the Ulster American Folk Museum near Strabane.

The new and improved David Darragh Family! Congrats on the most beautiful baby ever, guys!
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Fall Fishing!

Dad is the best! He knows all the tricks to lure in the fish! He also knows how to keep a pontoon full of kids happy. Notice the bananas, cashews, and the old standby.....beef jerky! It always works to have snacks and water along!



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Fall Fishing




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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Becca turns 12 on Sept. 20th!

Becca's request was to go fishing with the whole family on the pontoon, so we did and it was a lovely evening!

Here she is with a nice crappie!

Then we finished the night off with Poppyseed Torte! (Great Grandma Berge's recipe) What could be better?
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Simeon Olaf turns 2!

To celebrate, we took the 2 yr. old out to eat and shopping for a birthday balloon! He was thrilled to be KING for the day!

Strawberry shortcake and ice cream topped off with candles will bring smiles to any face!

Sporting his new haircut, he decided it was time to grow up and learn big boy things like how to work a fishing pole!
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September Memories

Brutus, our little rat terrier, had the unfortunate experience of being run over by a hay wagon! He chewed the first cast, so the vet put this cute little collar on him. He looked like a circus dog! Becca and Ginger are pictured here with our little wounded soldier.

Here was our supper! Duck and rabbit BBQ style, with sweet corn from the garden! Delicious!

Following violin lessons, our kids dressed up with the Demmers and Hicks and put on a back to school skit. Notice Jakob in the purple wig and hot pink formal! I couldn't believe he let me take a picture! We will have to show it at his wedding someday!

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Fall Beauty

Apples are plenty!

The front patio view where we spend most evenings.

The fields are turning golden!

Another lovely sunset. Notice the wind towers that we can now see from our yard.
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Harvest Time!

Simeon's tomato delivery! He would load up the back of his truck and drive them over to the processing center. Wash, cut, blend and cook.

Here is the saurkraut after its curing time in the big crock. Yum!

One batch of tomatoes taking their hot water bath!

Broccoli and green beans and the blessing of a happy Charisma!
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