Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bunny and Big Boy!

Well of all the interesting deliveries, the doorbell rang yesterday with a bunny rabbit delivery for the Sahlstrom family! I guess the previous family was running short on bunny rabbit love, so they thought that our home might have a little more to go around. Becca was instantly hooked, and feverishly set about learning all she could about the ins and outs of rabbit care. It has been a wonderful distraction for the little people, especially during Unit Study. They were all hovering around the cage, watching with delight to see what he will do next! Becca renamed him Cotton, deciding that having 2 Sams in the house might be a little much!

Here is Simeon's attempt at being a "BIG BOY"! He thinks he is quite the man now that he can pull himself up on things.

After letting go with one hand, he quickly realized that this could be rather dangerous if gravity got the better of him!

One more close up of those pretty pink eyes. Becca has taken TONS of pictures of poor little Cotton. He must be seeing stars in those pink eyes! We will see how long the bunny rabbit romance stays with us!
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Timothy and Rebecca and Carolyn said...

Simeon is absolutly adorable!! I can't believe he is pulling himself up by things already. I just doesn't seem like he was born that long ago.

Karen said...

I agree; Simeon is so adorable. I think he looks alot like you Missy! You gotta love the look of sheer terror on his face! Poor baby!

Melanie said...

Oh man I miss him!! He is the sweetest baby and so smiley! Great post Missy! I love hearing all the fun news!

Anonymous said...

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Janna said...

Hi, Missy! I "tagged" you for a "Favorite Authors" meme. If you'd like to participate, check out the rules of the game on my blog: