Monday, May 4, 2009

Tracy Prom 2009!

Well, our kids were all involved in prom this year, so here are a few pictures from the fun weekend. They had fun dressing up and being with friends for the day! It certainly was a whirlwind day, but the weather was gorgeous for it.

Alina and Ben
Poor Alina had to get up at 4:00am and drive home from Chicago that morning! She is an exchange student from Austria. Very sweet!

Annika and Aric
Aric is a friend from church, and he has been a great help with our AWANA program this year. He is great with kids and lots of fun!

Bombay and Megan
Notice Bombay's eye color? Well, he escorted Megan who is a very dear friend of our family and has an amazing singing voice!

Kathrin and Caleb
Caleb is another forever friend of Ben's who has been in our life forever. He is also homeschooled and had a great time teasing Kathrin!

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