Saturday, September 8, 2007

Baby Update!

Well, patience is a virtue, right? We have all been so excited to see this baby #9, but he must be so cozy in his little world that he is going to take his sweet time to make the grand entrance! After my midwife had seen my dates, measurements and ultrasound she thought that this baby was coming the end of August or very early September. However, my feelings were pointing more to today as my due date! Hmmm. Without a doubt, my track record of going "overdue" has proven to be pretty strong, so we continue to enjoy the days......and......wait! I know that the Lord's timing is always perfect, so I can rest in that!

In the meantime, we have a houseful of girls today who are playing "wedding" since we gave Charisma a most beautiful wedding dress for her birthday! I will try to capture some photos of this to post! I am so glad that the girls have friends that are not afraid to still play "dress up"! How fun!

We covet your prayers for this birth, and will let you know the BIG NEWS when we know something! Enjoy these early days of autumn, eat some apples (ha) and live each moment to the fullest!


Craig & Jessica said...

I am also excited to hear the news of your little one!

My girls would have LOVED playing 'wedding' with your girls! I's such fun to see them enjoying this age of 'dress up' and games!

Love to you all!!!

The Fafach family said...

I am thinking and praying for you Missy as you await your newest arrival. The Lord's timing truly is best.
So happy to have you in the blogging world.
Love to you all, ~ Krista for the Fafachs

Deb and Brad said...

We are thinking bout you guys and praying for a safe delivery and a healthy little one in his time!

Roxanne said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your little (big) bundle of joy!!!

Love your blog too!