Saturday, September 22, 2007

Enjoying Little Simeon!

Big brother Benjamin is soaking in the reality of another little brother. What a responsibility. We figured out that when Simeon is 16, Ben will be 32! Doesn't that bend your mind a little? It sure did give us an interesting picture of what the future might look like! Hmmm.......

Big sister Annika was such a help this past week. She was more the mother who was mothering her mother! It was kind of fun to be on the receiving end of her hospitality. I felt very spoiled to say the least!

Big sister Charisma giving him his first kiss on the head while he is not even 1 hour old! What a sweet moment to cherish. Charisma, Becca, Reuben, Amelia and Katrina were honored to be invited to go to Milaca to spend time with Grandpa and Grandma Sahlstrom from Sunday until Friday. They had a BLAST! It also made for a nice quiet week here and boy did that make a difference for being able to rest! Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!

Now we are back to activity as usual! Little Simeon can sleep through a lot though!
We love you little one!
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mindy caron said...

Love the new photos! Boy, I feel out of the loop with not being able to see little Simeon! Hopefully soon! Love you guys!

Rebecca Henry said...

He looks like he is fitting in really well! HOw nice that each of the children is accepting of the newest addition!

Kate said...

Hey congratulations! Nat and I were at the farm house when we heard the details! That's huge! I was telling some of my friends at college that my Aunt and Uncle had just had their NINTH baby, almost 11 pounds! They think you're crazy!
They don't understand Sahlstroms!
You guys are so cool! God is so good isn't He?