Friday, March 6, 2009

Valentines Weekend!

Here we are singing our hearts out (get it?) at a Valentine Banquet at Shetek Bend for the Tracy Lions Club. This song was
Roses Will Bloom Again three part harmony.

Our newest instrument was an upright bass. We purchased it through a friend of my parents, so they picked it up for us on the way down! We just love the way it adds a joyful beat to our music. It is being played mostly by Becca, although we have been switching off now and then. Here, Grandpa is showing off his incredible jazz style runs. HA!

On Valentines Day, we had a Community Choir concert also held at Shetek Bend. Here are the teens that performed Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love. Although, the conversation determined that there weren't any love romances in the air at the time, but it was still a cute song. Some of us could relate to the falling in love in our teens, though, right? I still can hardly believe that I got married at 19, but I honestly am SO glad that I did! If it is God's will, then there is no mistake!

It was so neat to have Ben and Mindy, Elianna, Mom and Dad, and Sam come to our concert! Charisma and Becca stayed home and babysat for Reuben, Amelia, Katrina, Erina, Simeon and Elijah. They did a great job! Annika, Grandpa and Ben posed for a picture after the concert. They say he is the coolest Grandpa!
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Melanie said...

Fun post! I love the pictures! I think Dad is the coolest dad too. Can't wait to hear Becca playing the bass!