Friday, October 12, 2007

A Promising Presidential Candidate

Word has it that if the election were held this very day on the Internet, Ron Paul would be the man! So, why do we not hear a word about this modern day "Thomas Jefferson" in the media? It is because they don't want us to hear about him! He has a proven track record of voting 100% according to the Constitution. How many times to you hear of Congressmen doing that these days? Well, we are excited to finally see a man of principle running on the Republican ticket for a change. We were beginning to feel hopeless! If you have not researched the candidates, please do so now before the MN caucus sneaks up on us on Feb. 2nd. Time goes quickly, and we must know who deserves our support in this most important position of leading our country. Google Ron Paul and check him out! I think you will find his views refreshingly American! Also, remember to PRAY for our leaders now and those future leaders that they will remain true to God as they fill these important positions.


Karen said...

Thanks for posting this! I have been very discouraged by the prominent Republican candidates that the news stations have been covering. It seems to me that the choices to pick from haven't been any choices at all. I am excited to hear about a candidate that I can get behind and feel good voting for! I am looking forward to reading more about him.

Sam and Melissa Sahlstrom said...

Great, Karen! You will be so encouraged! Check the New American Magazine for a very interesting interview plus another great article on him. I think you can read it online if you don't get the magazine.

The Coys said...

I had not heard of Ron Paul. I plan to vote for Mike Huckabee. I am going to read up on Paul as well.