Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Becca did not get to celebrate her birthday with her friends since it was the week the baby was born, so after talking to her friend, Mariah Hicks, she found out that her July birthday was also needing to be celebrated! So they had a combined party! It proved to be a wonderful day, indeed!

Here is Reuben explaining how the apples get washed and moved down the assembly line at the APPLE ORCHARD! We had a wonderful time on the hayride and also spending time with friends from the MACHE home school group.

YUMMY! Crisp and delicious Honeycrisp apples!

Erina thought that the corn filled boat was the highlight of the afternoon! She would just lay there moving her hands and feet around. I could also tell that it was naptime for her! I was even tempted to crawl in beside her and take a snooze! Thank you Lord for the beauty of autumn!
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Patriot said...

Those apples look amazing!!

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Sheila said...

Okay, I must also comment on the apples. I LOVE Honeycrisp. Apparently they grow well in Minnesota? Maybe they would in Iowa, too... :)