Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Simeon has turned 1 month old already! It has been such a wonderful time of getting to know him and getting acquainted with his little personality. For the most part he is very content, but when he wants to eat...look out! He definitely lets us know he has lungs and a voice!

We also have another reason to celebrate, and that is the fact that 18 years ago Sunday (14th) Sam and I were married on a beautiful fall day in the northwoods! How quickly time flies! I have to say that I am most definitely the happiest wife in the whole world. (I am sure a lot of you out there would say the same.) Sam has been so good to me and the children. He truly meets the standard of a godly father and husband, and for this I am so grateful to the Lord for blessing me with him! I also look forward to many more years as his blessed wife! Yesterday we had a visit from a dear "grandma" from our church, Marie Flesner. She has been married for 60 some years! Now that is something wonderful. What a testimony that can be to the world.


Craig & Jessica said...

You & Sam are such an inspiration to us! Happy Anniversary!

Karen said...

It's hard to believe it has been eighteen years! I remember your wedding day like it was yesterday! (Which probably shows my age!)

Happy Anniversary!