Sunday, October 18, 2009

Berge 30's Bash

Here we all are at Reptile Gardens. It proved to be another gorgeous day to take in all the reptiles, birds and snakes! We also enjoyed the flowers and museum!

Everyone is all smiles except Simeon who couldn't wait for the show to start! Notice that David and Melanie are all smiles, enjoying their child free summer.....but not for long!

Reuben, Thomas and Simeon enthralled by the swooping birds!

Here we all are, posing for our family picture. For only having 4 children, the clan sure has multiplied! Go Grandma and Grandpa! All 25 of us stayed in a lovely cabin together and shared meals and great times together! What a memory filled vacation!
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Melanie said...

Love all the new posts! Such an amazing summer! I really miss you guys!

All in a Day said...

Thanks for all the fun posts!