Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sahlstrom Camp II

The water sports are the big attraction at Sahlstrom Camp! Whoever wanted to try tubing, waterskiing, knee boarding, and whatever else they come up with will had the chance to give it a try! You may have to wait your turn, but it proves to be entertaining indeed!

Even Grandma Carol and Grandpa Paul get in on the action! What an amazing duo these two are! They can keep up with all the kids and grandkids like it takes no effort! We all appreciate the wonderful example they are to the rest of us. They love God and each other and they make life richer for everyone who crosses their path. They have an amazing gift of hospitality that they have passed on to each of their children. This is SUCH an important ministry to help encourage others and share God's love with them!

The Three Brothers attempt to get up all at the same time to show the younger generation "how it's done"! I am happy to report that they were successful, and everyone onshore was cheering them on! We decided it should be a yearly tradition. Nothing like a little pressure to stay in shape, huh? I think they have all reached the 40 mark, now!

Simeon just loved the water, and with his little floating swimsuit, it was so nice to know he would be able to get back up again if he wiped out!
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