Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sahlstrom Camp!

Every Father's Day Weekend, Sam's side of the family packs up and heads for Leisure Lake in northern Wisconson for a 4 day reunion. It has proved to be a great bonding time for us all in the past, and this year was no exception! The weather was gorgeous, and we made some great memories!

The small private lake offers a perfect setting for fishing, swimming and nature hikes. We also can relax in knowing that the kids are surrounded by family.

Here are some of the girls warming up by the campfire before diving back into the water. They pretty much live outside the whole time we are there!

Rook is a favorite Sahlstrom game and the games keep everyone on their toes! I can still remember being shocked at how loud they would all get if someone would play the wrong card! As newlyweds I can recall Sam consoling me, after a heated match, that they aren't really mad, just verbal! Now of course I understand the Sahlstrom way of expressing themselves! It did take me awhile, though!
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